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Camping at the Bloody Bridge

Bloody Bridge Backpackers has three small secluded fields for camping.  They are well sheltered and located less than five minutes from the National Trusts walks at the Bloody Bridge.  This is ideal for Ramblers who would like to make an early start.

Fairy Tree Campsite 

The ‘Fairy Tree’ campsite, named for its’ lone hawthorn tree.  Tents in this campsite would only be visible from very high ground to the north west.

View of the Mourne Mountains (Leganabruckhan and Millstone Mountain) from the Fairy Tree campsite.

View of Dundrum bay from the Fairy Tree campsite.

Holly Campsite

This campsite has a number of Holly trees surrounding it.  To the east It has excellent views of Dundrum Bay, the Irish Sea and on clear days the Ilse of Man. to the west are the Mountains of Mourne 

Why not be where the Mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea?

Blackthorn Campsite

This campsite is surrounded by Blackthorn Trees and has excellent views of the Mournes.

A view of the Mourne Mountains from the Blackthorn campsite. 

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